For anyone needing extra hands while working on electronics or small light weight objects.

What you will need:
LED book light
Copper or similar thick yet bendable wire
Gator clips

Epoxy (I used Locktite 5 minute, and J-B Weld)
Soldier & solder gun

Step 1: Attach the Arms

Epoxy the wire and light to the heatsink.

Step 2: Attach the Gator Clips

Soldier the gator clips to the wire and your done.

Step 3: Your Done!

Your done, now start on another project.
soldier? It should be "solder"!!!
Thanks for catching that!
its a bit of a waste of a heatsink if you ask me...
There have been like 3 of these already... and that's within 15 pages of eachother O_O
How about showing us something (project, part etc.) it will hold. I'm afraid this is too light weight to be very useful. Heavier wire maybe, but good idea.
Added the photo to the last page of the tutorial.

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