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You're doing a job. It'll only take five minutes, all i need is that tool, hmm, where is it, i've only just seen it, it was in my toolbox right here for goodness sake!

...and by the time you've emptied out your toolbox to find the right screwdriver, it's taken four times longer than the actual job.

Sound familiar? Happens to me all the time.

Step 1:

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A few years ago I was looking at Adam Savage's website, and was intrigued by his concept of "first order retrieveability": you can get to any object without having to move anything else. Here's a picture of one of his fantastically ridiculous toolboxes. Notice how almost all the tools are standing vertically so you can find them and take them out instantly.
kchapman82 years ago
Bag 1 of 3. Thanks for the idea
The Engineer As Hero (author)  kchapman82 years ago
Cool! that looks really good! especially like the drill holster section. fast access! Have you considered mounting some multigang sockets into the bag so you can plug in your chargers in and just have one cable coming out so you can plug in easily when you get home or on site and charge your stuff?
Oops. Meant bag 1 of 4
TheCommander8 months ago
I was just designing my own organization for my bag but thought I wpuld check here first and im glad I did yours is superior in desigm to what I had thanks for posting.
kchapman82 years ago
Theirs number 2.I think that's gonna be it for now. I need a couple empty bags for miscellaneous stuff

awesome tool layout !! i have those same harbor freight screw/phillips drivers -- they feel great !! im deff gonna do this thanks for the ideas on this one -- what bag is this you show

The Engineer As Hero (author)  kchapman82 years ago
That's lovely! nicely organised and segregated! I may have to do another to catch up...
shazni2 years ago
My handbag is the scariest place anyone can put there hand in...this is great! must see if I can add elastics..my bag gets tossed about :-)
B00mrang2 years ago
I really like the result. And Adam Savage is the the gold standard in this case. Below is how it look on my new FOR Toolbag !
RangerJ2 years ago
I gotta have one of these!
You are a genius. First order retrievablility- now THERE'S a concept made for us ADHD/scattered/project and tool obsessed people! AWESOME! Thanks a TON for posting this!!!
Cheers, but the idea is Adam Savage's, from Mythbusters. I wish i could organise my thoughts and ideas like this too! it would be quite useful.
kchapman82 years ago
I pretty much did; I put a multi tap in the bag.

Also, I'm halfway done with bag #2
2 left. Although, you never can have enough tools. I'm sure I'll need to buy more

Not sure why the pics are crooked. Sorry
Broom2 years ago
smithj7022 years ago
AlexLPD2 years ago
Yes in deed the vertical spaces are more eficient to put tools like screwdrivers, pliers or cutters, I have use this already in a very messy box, currently used for keep the tools from a graco foam machine on hand. Works great. We got solvents, scratchers, screwdrivers, cover plastics, and its quite handy.
Thanks for the tutorial.
The Engineer As Hero (author)  AlexLPD2 years ago
3366carlos2 years ago
great idea.
kchapman82 years ago
Looks like this will be the next instructable that I build. Great idea, pics to follow after the new year. Course, that's if we are alive after the 21st:-P
great ible man! i had some contact with adam's thoughts too and i have to say i was interested in the concept too, and was planning on giving it a go but wanted a good toolbag first.

great nickname also :)
The name is a very obscure Kim Stanley Robinson quote.

The concept works in any toolbox or bag! Screw a nice toolbag, done is better than perfect!
I run my whole shop like this.
Just had a look at your workshop. That is so cool! I'm so jealous i think i'm going to be sick!

Seriously though, my dad had an amazing workshop when i was young, but it was (and still is) an absolute bombsite. you had to tidy for at least half an hour before you could get enough space to make the thing you wanted, and by that point motivation had gone... A tidy workshop is a productive workshop, and workshops that aren't really irritate me.
MrOddjob2 years ago
Brilliant! I should have thought about this but never had the time, due to an untidy toolbox. Thanks for sharing.
The Engineer As Hero (author)  MrOddjob2 years ago
It's pretty easy to do to any toolbox, just get some drainpipe (or electrical conduit, or even some old jamjars), cut it up and duct tape it together as the most basic version, then just stick it in your toolbox. I just love the concept, it's so simple and works really well. Yet another reason Adam Savage is awesome!