Step 5:

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The bag loaded up. All the tools are neat and easily accessible. Five minute jobs will now take five minutes, and my life will be smooth and frustration free again! 

Further mods I might try: using different size pipes for different tubes i.e. big square 67mm drain pipe, or thin electrical conduit for different size tools, and more partitions.

If you this this is a good idea, I can't recommend trying it out enough. Even cutting up some pipe into equal lengths, duct taping it together and dropping it into a toolbox makes a quick and easy toolbox organiser. 

If this has inspired you, go for it, take some photos, and post them on here, i'd love to see what you come up with.

Thanks for reading!
AlexLPD2 years ago
Yes in deed the vertical spaces are more eficient to put tools like screwdrivers, pliers or cutters, I have use this already in a very messy box, currently used for keep the tools from a graco foam machine on hand. Works great. We got solvents, scratchers, screwdrivers, cover plastics, and its quite handy.
Thanks for the tutorial.
The Engineer As Hero (author)  AlexLPD2 years ago