The sign with "EHS 2016 MKSD" is introduction for our pit. I used Cut2d to create that part and CNC to cut on polyester sheet.
On the back of the robot, there are Johnson & Johnson logo which created with Solidworks and used CNC to cut on polyester sheet.
On the top of the robot, there are rail to control the ball.The two rails also created with Solidworks and used CNC to cut on polyester sheet

You can check our team's website on goteam2016.com
You also can view of our team robot in game field on www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8gJf3ZxHaw&t=2m36s
You can also check FIRST website on www.usfirst.org

The prize will help our students' imagination come in real world!
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That is awesome that you are starting a local robotic team. I can send you more tips in your email. Check your message.
Thank you! Although this robotics team is starting off fairly primitive, I am very excited to see what it becomes. I look forward to any information or tips you are able to give me!
Awesome! I'm starting a local robotics team in my county! Got any tips?

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