Cool! I like it :) But I think you should focus more on paths and not lifts.
this is SO SICK!!!!!!! instructions PLEASE
very cool and no critiziation or spm but mashine is spelt machine remember this was not to be mean other thsan that 5*
DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vid is not available in germany... :'(
ooh is there anything i can do?
...that is to late. it is not available in germany coz they have stricter copyrights for the backround music...
Nice video title on YouTube. 0_0
oooh enbarresing.... lol
Use proper spelling and grammar please!
brilliant for your first one, and good choice in music
thanks :)
It's not the first ever, but you should add 'my' to the title.
ohhh yeh!!!!!!
no prob!

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