I wanted to try some different laminating techniques, so I tried with some 3k,  2x2 twill carbon fiber sleeving and made a "money clip".  These pictures are the first ones I took of it.  I did eventually add more epoxy so that the entire surface was glossy, but during a strength test, I destroyed it...oops.  Its ok, I found that only two layers of CF isn't quite enough and the way I had layed the CF and let it cure caused it to not want to clamp back shut if it had been holding a generous amount of bills (all ones of course ;)).  Either way, Ive been a member here for a while and have read and used plenty of instructables, I think it's about time I start adding something to the community, even if it is just photos at first.
Thanks for sharing your experience! Looking forward to seeing more of your trials with carbon fiber.
Thank you! I'll be posting pictures of a piece I made using the lost wax technique, and if there is any interest ill make a step by step instructable on how to do it. (ill probably do it any way, lol) Have a great day!

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