First K'nex Gun, With Mag




Introduction: First K'nex Gun, With Mag

This is my first ever k'nex gun(I consider it my first one anyway), I think it may be worth making an instructable out of. It's got o.k. power, it's not for hurting people, so it's for inside. Doesn't go THAT far, but more rubber bands solves that. I plan on using this in some type of indoor k'nex war. It has a magazine on the top, has a TRUE TRIGGER :O, and holds 15 white rods.

This video is a combination of the gun without the magazine, THEN you see it WITH the mag.

Sorry, when i took the part with the mag it was dark.

I also TRIED adding pictures, but it doesn't want me to.

Thanks for looking



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    I know it's old but it's not bad!

    dude, ur name is from tf2

    btw This isnt the first gun with a mag

    it's my first gun, and it has a mag.
    sorry for confusion O_o

    you are VERY behind times. even when you posted this. but actually, the trigger mech is pretty nice.

    i am pretty new here, so feedback is appreciated
    ty :)

     okay. xD waht??? I just looked at when you joined. that was ages ago.


    hadn't made a k'nex gun in a while after  this, so I had to get into it making them again and almost had to start from scratch because i had forgotten everything :P