First K'nex Gun(with Hopper)

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Introduction: First K'nex Gun(with Hopper)

This is my first k'nex gun, and as the title says, it also has a magazine on top.
I used 4 rubber bands, but you can add as many as you want.
15-round Magazine
True trigger :D
Pretty Sturdy
almost never jams

handle's not super-duper
loading can be annoying sometimes

For my next instructable, I think I'll try to tackle this:
...except it will shoot, but it probably won't have any type of actual rapid fire :

Step 1: Handle

Easy, just follow the pictures.
I don't even think you'll need notes for this part, let alone the entire gun.

Step 2: Trigger

First pic:
Three pieces you will make, one step at a time.

Rest of pictures:
How to make piece at the bottom of clump of 3 pieces, the trigger

Step 3: Front of Barrel

Step 4: Back of Gun

Step 5: Magazine

Step 6: Misc Pieces

Ram Rod and ammo pusher

Step 7: Piecing It Together...

Step 8: ...And You're Done!

I hope ya enjoyed it. :)



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I made it but the trigger keeps missing up on me if u can help me email me at plzz

not the first i made a knex with a hopper before you

Where is the instrhctable THEN?

1 Do u have to put the y clips on top of the magazine

I helps to keep the ammo pusher thingy in place if you cram a lot of ammo into the magazine :)

Well, I'm glad you didn't posted a noob tube as your first knex gun. 3.0, above average.

*Cough cough* hopper *cough cough*

i have no idea what that is, I'm kind of new :P

if a magazine is on top of a gun it is called a hopper, if its on the bottom its a magazine. :)

Excuse me, if the bullet falls in by gravity it is called a hopper. If it has a pusher, it's a magazine.