If it’s worth tying it’s worth tying with paracord. Only thing is, untying knots in paracord can take superhero strength. My contribution is this little guy, “Fish Bone”. It’s a no knots cord tightener without serrated edges. You can use it where you would normally tie a knot. This Instructable documents how I designed it from thought to reality to include how it went from low tech graph paper to high tech finite elemental analysis.

I took this instructable to Kickstarter where it was well received. You can check it out here. Thank you everyone for your support. Brent


Step 1: Idea & Proof of Concept

Picture of Idea & Proof of Concept
wire fish.jpg
fish lay.jpg
I wanted to design this specifically for paracord. For starters I went to Sketchbook and doodled some ideas. I settled on a rod encircled by a spiral. I wasn’t even sure this was going to work but all I had to loose was a coat hanger.

Once I had my sketch made up from wire I began to figure out how it would work. After looking at it for a while I realized it looked like a fish. From here on my design was geared around a fish bone. 

For anyone who’d like to try, the next couple steps show how the wire fish bone is made.
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codybeeson1 month ago

If the aluminum strains at 75lbs and fails at 135lbs... what does the titanium do? and stainless? Thank you.

Tesseract 4D23 months ago
I'm trying to make my own small run of similar tying tools (they're hooks that attach to I-beams, but have the bottom of a figure nine tensioner, for creating anchor points on bulkheads of ships.) I was wondering what process you use to get your edges smooth. I'm water jetting mine, and the edges are gritty. I imagine you aren't using a machining process. Are you tumbling?
Mrballeng (author)  Tesseract 4D22 months ago
Yes, tumbling with ceramic media.
r0b0t143 months ago

i want one!!

lol great idea!

ClementH4 months ago

could you make a template with measurements please?

great idea btw

Toadster7776 months ago
Hey dude pls email me where i can get this im in SA at toadster777@gmail.com
Mrballeng (author)  Toadster7776 months ago
Www.fishbonefish.com. Thanks
Skwurlito6 months ago
Boyscout instructor everywhere are should fear for the positions because of this.

Your design inspired me to make I own gear tie tool. Since I needed a new pendant, I decided to integrate the two. Here I have my "Bird of Prey" gear tie/tag.

Mrballeng (author)  SamuraiSpirit1 year ago

This is awesome. I really like how the tie resembles a cross knot. Good work.

Schmidty162 years ago
Hey i thought of this idea maby u could show it off and make it for me how about u make ur knotless gear tie out of an old key that way u could reuse the keys and i think it would still work reply back to me what you think of my idea
AR10NZ2 years ago
Interesting Tool ! Well thought out. I have worked in the metalworking sector for most of my adult life, aircraft industry, dairy industry, general sheetmetal work. I have an affinity for stainless steel,Titanium, and ali. I think that 6061-T6 ali would be ideal for your product, a lot easier to work & finish, can be color anodised.
Reiff2 years ago
So you are the one who came up with this idea that just about every Instructables member knows about? That is really cool.
Mrballeng (author)  Reiff2 years ago
That's me. It all started with the pocket size contest. I would have never though of it if that contest wasn't up. So my advice is participate in the contests even if it's just for the sake of participating. You never know what you might come up with.
Reiff2 years ago
You know what I'd really like is a whole Instructables one the different ways to use paracord one the fish bone.
jgarcia872 years ago
Where can we buy these
Mrballeng (author)  jgarcia872 years ago
jgarcia872 years ago
This is a great idea!!!
Have these been mass produced because they are prizes in the great outdoors contest?
Mrballeng (author)  shotgunshane2 years ago
Yes. So far we have had more than 20,000 manufactured.
rimar20002 years ago
Very interesting, I will do my own. I discovered the usefulness of hooks when I did my rack for car.

Using these "fingers" you can load or unload the trunk in seconds, without threading the hank of rope over and over.
strooom2 years ago
I was so bold to take one of your pictures, run through photoshop and make this pdf out of it.
It yields a 100 mm / 4" long FishBone.
When printing pdf, you can easily scale to get whatever size you would like.
I am making a 133mm, 100mm, 70mm and 50 mm version, just to find out what more purposes this little neat magic thing has.
awesome dude, I don't have many tools but I will do the best I can to cut one. Your pdf will make it a lot easier
awesome dude, I don't have many tools but I will do the best I can to cut one. Your pdf will make it a lot easier
Printy2 years ago
Have you thought of selling this to Lee Valley? They would be totally into this. They sell primarily tools and equipment and love quality items like this. They have a magazine too which has a loyal subscriber base.
awesome dude, I don't have many tools but I will do the best I can to cut one. Your pdf will make it a lot easier.
BMXCra5h2 years ago
I like the new Piranha Gear tie You made. Looks pretty cool.
ZaneEricB2 years ago
Still loving your design. Here it is integrated into my knife. How's kickstart coming?

congrats, awesome design.
mastergabe2 years ago
this is great i'm defiantly making one but it would be good if you posted a blue print of the basic shape so people could trace it on to the aluminium flat bar.
Yes, you have many great pictures, but please add 1 drawing with 1:1 scale (flat, no perspective) so the DIY among us can make exact replicas of your final design.
skorpijon2 years ago
Hi, congratulations on your great project.
What do you think about injection molding? This is for mass production (above 500 parts/year), you will have low costs. The downsize of this is that you must pay for the injection molding tool around 10000EUR and your model will strain at 30LBS, but you can put in glass fibers and get to the 45LBS (this is my thought). Make a FEM simulation and you will see.
Have a great day
Oh yes, and the then when you sell it, you will have a lot more profit.
Biodynamic2 years ago
I love it. Any inspiration derived from a product called knot bone? Yours is much more creative and if they were side by side I would go with the fish bone. Great job and congrats.
Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
"THE SNAPPER" is made of aluminum too?
Mrballeng (author)  Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
It's stainless
Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
Congrats on win and the succesfull campaign on kickstarter its a real honor to reply your creations.Thnx for share and please keep hammering and creating.
doodlecraft2 years ago
Really cool and congrats on your win! I'd wear this as a necklace! :)
Honus2 years ago
Awesome job and congrats on the Kickstarter campaign! How are you going to mass produce them- waterjet?
Mrballeng (author)  Honus2 years ago
Thanks. We're still weighing the options between stamping, laser, and water jet. So many phone calls, but a great problem to have.
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