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You will use Blender 3D Animation software for this tutorial. Have fun creating a fish of any kind as long as it has a tail. In this tutorial you will learn how to use simple bones, how to animate using a path and how to use an emitter. This is a beginner tutorial but you should already know to navigate in Blender and how to create and manipulate shapes.

In the past, students have created sharks, goldfish, or imaginary dragon type fish. Have fun with it! add fun textures and make sure to add a cool background like a tank or the ocean floor to complete your animation.

Make sure to smile and wave at Lars, the whale at the end of this tutorial. :)

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JunH4 made it! (author)2015-11-18

Thanks for the tutorial! It was easy to follow and simple to understand.

wilgubeast (author)2014-11-12

Cool! Use the full-sized images wherever possible rather than documents.

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