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This was one of the first things I remember building as a child and the knowledge has stayed with me all my life. This small fish trap is easy to make and very cheap too, making it the perfect project to start off with.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
Optional Materials
List of materials:

- An empty 2 litre drink bottle
- A craft knife (a pair of scissors will do the same job)
- Some string


- A piece of A4 paper
- Some sticky tape
- A marker pen
- A small screwdriver

Do you have any specific suggestions for bait? I would assume, bugs and things like that, but is there anything else?

The best bait is probably bread as it is cheap and easily accesible

CandyLove112 months ago

Do you have any specific suggestions for bait? I would assume, bugs and things like that, but is there anything else?

Do you have any specific suggestions for bait? I would assume, bugs and things like that, but is there anything else?

Rohan_D-1 year ago
Nice idea, might try that some day soon? :) :P
Go Repairs (author)  sickdevotee632 years ago
Doesn't work in the wild rain forest of South America. Fish seem a little smarter here. :) I have tried it many times. Best way I have found to catch small tropical fish is with a small hook and worms. Even that is extremely hard. You need extremely fast reflexes to yank the fish out of the water when they nibble on the worm. Some time we don't even hook them. We just snag them and throw them out of the water. You need a long slender fishing pole for this kind of fishing. Good Instructables though!
Go Repairs (author)  th3_jungle_inv3ntor2 years ago
Thanks for sharing that info and I'm glad you like this Instructable. You can also use this trap to catch land creatures (insects for bait etc). I appreciate you leaving a comment.
lathamo2 years ago
I managed to catch a whale shark
Go Repairs (author)  lathamo2 years ago
You must have used a big bottle. lol
Go Repairs (author)  ryandavidson132 years ago
I'm going to try do a mix of different things.
Go Repairs (author)  ryandavidson132 years ago
EmcySquare2 years ago
Did you try it? I'm afraid it's not going to work as expected...
It needs to be made in some mash/net material for water to flow in it and for fishes to sense the bait.
If you put it into a stream of water the bottle il going to fill up and the pressure of water itself inside the bottle will make it hard for fishes to get inside. If the water is still fishes can't sense the bait.
Still I might be wrong, give it a try anyway.
I had much more luck using similar devices made from bottles as live-catch mouse traps (collar part need to be modified)
This really works. Takes time to catch fishes, but if you're not in a hurry you can get a FULL BOTTLE of fishes in a few hours.
And I really mean full :)
Go Repairs (author)  EmcySquare2 years ago
I can tell you for a fact that this trap works, as I have used in the past (the bit where I wrote "I remember building as a child" should have give it away). You are correct this trap may not be best suited to a river with White water rapids. But a slow moving river or still water location works fine.

The taste of the bait can move freely out of the trap, via the entrance and holes you place in the bottom - attracting fish. You are completely wrong about the pressure inside the bottle preventing fish from entering. You place holes in the bottom of the bottle (as I shown) to allow movement of water through the bottle trap.

The design of the trap means that the flow of water is always facing the entrance. The trap itself will pivot on the stick you place it on, if the flow of water changes directions.

Thanks for leaving a comment.
brookiegirl2 years ago
What bait do i use?
Bread works pretty well ;)
Go Repairs (author)  brookiegirl2 years ago
Chopped earthworm is always good, but it's fun to experiment with different bait types.
Go Repairs (author) 2 years ago
@nerfrocketeer Thanks.