Fish Print T-Shirt or Banner





Introduction: Fish Print T-Shirt or Banner

Use a real fish to print a t-shirt or banner. Can be used in conjunction with a Bible lesson for kids on Jesus calling his disciples to become fishers of men.

Step 1: Lesson Focus

Read the Scripture from a child-friendly Bible, such as the version listed below.

“Come. Follow me,” Jesus said. “I will make you fishers of people” Matthew 4:19. (NIRV)

Step 2: What You Need

One fresh whole fish (head and all), 2-3 colors of fabric paint, fabric marker or Scribbles paint, white t-shirt or banner fabric.

Step 3: What You Do

Place wax paper or several sheets of newspaper on the inside body of t-shirt, or under fabric banner.

Place the fish on a sturdy cork bulletin board.

Stretch open the fins and pin them to the cork board using straight pins.

Have children take turns lightly painting the fish with fabric paint.

Place the t-shirt or banner fabric on top of the painted fish and press lightly, then lift off and allow to dry.

Step 4: Final Step

Using fabric marker or Scribbles paint write, "Gone Fishing" above the fish, and "Matthew 4:19" below the fish.

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This is an interesting idea. Do you have any more photos of your process?

No, unfortunately. But it is quite easy for young kids or adults!