Introduction: Fish Tail Braid

How to make a braid like this!

Step 1: Divide Hair Into Two Main Sections: Left and Right.

Step 2: While Keeping the Two Sections Apart, Take a Small Piece of Hair From the Right and Add It to the Left.

Step 3: From the Left Section, Take a Different Piece of Hair and Add It Back to the Right Section.

Step 4: While Holding the Two Sections of Hair, Continue Repeating Steps 2 & 3.

Step 5: Make Sure to Keep Braid Evenly Tight As You Continue Down the Sections of Hair

Step 6: When You Have Braided to Your Desired Length, Merge the Right and Left Sections, and Secure With a Barrette.


Tura Street (author)2016-08-12

that is cool

Ferrari_21 (author)2016-03-10

thats so cool

Cbear04 (author)2014-07-01

Awesome!(: Thx for making this instructable I really wanted to know how.

Luv2Draw (author)2014-02-14

My fav hairstyle i do this all the time to my hair :)

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