A fish tank CD player.

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Step 1: An Old Cd Drive

Step 2: Remove the Cover of the Cd Drive

enter longer description for this step

Step 3: Glass Gel

enter longer description for this step

Step 4: Glasses

20cm X 20cm 2 pieces

15cm X 15.5cm 2 pieces

20cm X 15.5cm 1 piece

20cm X 14.5cm 1 piece

( Note: need to consider the thickness of the glass)

Step 5: Check Again on the Cd Drive

enter longer description for this step

Step 6: Power for the Cd Drive

enter longer description for this step

Step 7: Put Them Together, Took Me a Long Time to Do That

enter longer description for this step

Step 8: Another Look

enter longer description for this step

Step 9: Put the Cd Drive In

enter longer description for this step

Step 10: Another Look

enter longer description for this step

Step 11: Put Some Stones and Water

enter longer description for this step

Step 12: Let the Fish Move Into Their New Home

enter longer description for this step

Step 13: Test, Works Cool

enter longer description for this step

Step 14: Done

enter longer description for this step
<p>whats the name of these fishes are plz send </p>
so awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>
what is longer descerpition?
it means that he cannot be botherd to add instructions as that is the defult text when you make a instructable<br />
cool but wont the fishes die under stress?
if you were keeping feeder fish in it for a turtle or carniverous fish then its a good idea if not like everyone else is saying stress=death to fish<br/>
Really, the descriptions are useless but the idea is interesting... Interesting... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Interesting idea. But pretty much animal cruelty. There is no way you could fit a filter, airstone, or heater into that water. And the sound of the speakers would freak out the fish, as well as the spinning CD, and stressed fish are pretty much dead fish. :| I don't think I'd put any fish into it. But it is a cool idea, just lacks some thought and research.
how is this animal cruelty. and yes your can fit a filter and the airstone is optional
A filter will fit, yes the airstone isn't compulsory and the CD player would act as a (over)heater.
If you don't have tropical fish you don't need a filter, or an airstone, or a heater if you change your fishes' water every other day. The problem I actually see is the CD drive heating the water too much.
Its realllllllyyyyyyyyyy cooll.. Idia. What a IDIA????
Im curious about step 6, powering it, how do you power a CD drive?
he has a AC/DC adapter with a Molex tip. your best bet would probably be funing leads from your computers power supply. for pin info refer to link.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molex">Molex Wikipedia</a><br/>
I thoroughly enjoyed the OPs instructable. The reason there are no descriptions is because there is very little that isn't obvious. I wouldn't care to see the spinning disks so I would add rock and plants to the tank for looks. I would probably add an air adapter to the tank and a small air pump. I can see myself using this in an office environment. thanks.
Hey I got some comments. Maybe you could cover the CD thingie with a piece of paper though, it would still look cool. Also, step 6 confuses me, i dont get how you power it.
Instructable format critique: i assume that the lack of description (only description for each step is "put longer description here") is due to the fact that you just loaded this thing up and didn't have time to get back to it? you know you don't have to publish the instructable till you're finished with it...it will be saved until you decide to publish...you could have taken your time and actually put in the descriptions of the steps first...pictures without steps are pretty much useless.. Actual product critique: why use a PC CD-ROM drive just to play audio Cd's? was it all you had lying around? Why not gut an old audio CD player or something that has better output than an earphone jack? you basically just put an aquarium on top of an open CD player...why not have the CD player spinning inside the tank where it's more visible? in the current design you would have to look at it from above to get any "aesthetic" benifit from the design...and well..i rarely look through the top of an aquarium.. as to the "mistreatment" of animals...unless you used some obscure horribly toxic material to hold this thing together...i doubt the little fishies are going to notice any ill effects...but it's probably still a good idea to get the least tocix material possible...and of course they do make actual aquarium specific compounds....an even better method would have been to use plexiglass instead and use the non toxic materials they have for joining it...as there are numerous aquarium kits that i've seen i'm not sure where the "fish needs 10+ litres to be satisfied" comes from...as this would obviously depend on the fish...betas (japanese fighting fish) can happily (and actually prefer smaller bowls which obviously contain less water) survive in a liter or less of water as long as you keep the water clean with a filter. as a whole...decent idea (as aquariums and music are both relaxing)...poor execution of the instructions....but at least it's not a k-nex gun
bettas dont "perfer" being in a smaller tank, i own a fish shop and i know for a fact that in their natural habitat they have less water, but it does not mean that they like it
Poor fish, wouldn't bother them??
I have seen (and built) many aquariums, but this one is awesome. Even though those koi will not be happy in that small tank, a beta would be fine, if you had a small submersible filter. Good idea, ill have to build a few of these!
Wouldn't the fack that the CD is spinning scare the crap out of your fish?? anyway nice idea
I cant read the silicone tube, dont know what the rest of you are talking about with toxins of the sealant... but ive built hundreds of tanks aslong as you use an Acetic Cure Silicone Sealant approved for aquarium use its fine. You just have to be careful that the silicone sealant is graded for whatever volume tank your building... i learnt the hard way that most silicone sealants arnt graded to be used on a 2000L aquarium DOH!!!<br/><br/>Im going to have to jump in the fish.. ive been an aquarist for the past 10 years... and most of the public knowledge on goldfish and betas is through poor salesmanship by shops and common myth.<br/><br/>Betas can happly survive in a minium of 2L but the water must be changed daily-weekly... and the tempreature must be stable and not drop below 20*c... people keep Hundreds of betas in systems called 'betta barracks' = <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thebettabubble.com/pgs/fishroom.html">http://www.thebettabubble.com/pgs/fishroom.html</a> but employ heavy trickle filtration and UV sterialization.<br/><br/>While these fish are often found in elephant footprints, and small puddles and large rice paddies in there natural habitats, its usually during the monsoon season, and while they live in small puddles there is a constant supply of fresh warm water daily. Anyone that says betas should be kept in small containers, or they prefer dirty water... havnt done research themselfs and are just going off second hand information, or common misunderstandings.<br/><br/>As for goldfish, they are the most abused fish.<br/>They require vast amounts of water, atleast 50L per fish at that size and 200L per fish when fully grown.<br/>Visit <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.rafflesgold.com">http://www.rafflesgold.com</a> for information on goldfish. Im not even going to try and educate on the myths and fallacies surrounding goldfish.<br/><br/>Thankfully there are lots of fish that can survive and flourish in 'PICO Tanks' tanks small than 15 gallon.<br/>For planted freshwater tanks = <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/planted-nano-tanks/">http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/planted-nano-tanks/</a><br/><br/>For Saltwater reef tanks = <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.nano-reef.com/">http://www.nano-reef.com/</a><br/>
Well, it's a cute idea, but you're likely to have some very unhealthy fish. If you used the wrong caulk, they are likely to die. Fish need a lot of water in order that the concentrations of waste do not get too high. You will also need a source of air: some plants, an airstone, or some kind of filtration system. Finally, I imagine your fish are frightened and stressed without a place to hide! Please talk to a local aquarium store about how to keep your fishies alive and healthy.
A fish needs 10+ litres to be satisfied, you have 2 fishes in there, so you need at least 20 litres, not speaking of plants (for the oxygen), a filter, and some dark places for the fish to hide. Btw. I doubt your "glass gel" is silicone for fish tanks, so it is very likely for it to release some nice chemicals to the water. In fact the only thing you are doing there is torture animals, for looking cool in front of your friends. Get a CD-Player and a bigger fish tank, and the most important thing: First think, then build stuff.
Why would it be a bad thing to release <em>nice</em> chemicals in the water? I think the fish would like them.<br/>
chill Liganic....you're going to stroke out.
Interesting idea. I think I would mod an existing fish tank. That way you don't have to worry about the thickness of the glass. Lame instructable. You're clearly going step by step, which is great, but you need to describe your steps more. Take, for example, Step 7, where you tell us it took you a long time to put it together. What did you do to put it together? Why did it take so long? How can we do it better than you did? Also, you can put more than one picture per step, so Step 8 "Another Look" could have been part of Step 7.
"Lame instructable." keep it to yourself math.
OK. Maybe Lame instructable wasn't the best choice of words. Sorry. I thought, however, that I provided very constructive criticism (if that's how you spell it) on how to make this instructable better. There's good reason to provide constructive criticism on this site. I'm sure that you'll agree that the better the individual instructables, the better the site. So, keng, do you think that I should keep it to myself if I work on making my comments less "lame" and more contstrutive?
i thought it was a good critique except for the &quot;lame&quot; comment. although, i <em>have</em> seen several lame ones from time to time this one had really good pics and may have tried to make it &quot;cross-language&quot; with clear pics (even though i could think of a couple others after reading the other comments).<br/>
So, let that be a constructive critisim for us all. Put downs make critisim harsh no matter what else you say.
That's looks like it would be a cool addition to a room. The spinning CDs might agitate the fish though.
great idea. how do the fish act when it spins up? that would drive me nuts if i were a fish.

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