Fish Trap





Introduction: Fish Trap

Get a big gatorade bottle or a big water bottle. Or even a 2 or 3 liter coke bottle. Then get a scissor and poke a hole into the side of the bottle. Get some string and put it through the hole. Where the big hole is at the top of the bottle pull the string through it. Tape it with some duct tape. put some rocks on the back and front to weigh it down in the water. Put some bread in the bottle or/and beef jerky. They catch minnows and crayfish. When you are making the top of the bottle better, if you are, make a funnel of duct tape. so the the fish go in but it is too small to get it.

Step 1: Get the Bottle

i dont have a pic. But just get a gatorade bottle or a big water bottle.

Step 2: Get Some String.

Mainly i like fishing string that can hold like 20 pounds. I like it because its clear and tough. Put it in the hole you poked on the side of the bottle and pull it out through the top of the bottle.

Step 3: Duct Tape and Rocks

put some rocks on both ends of the bottle then rubber glue or hot glue. Duct tape works well too.

Below are the rocks taped on with DUCT TAPE.

Step 4: Bread Or/and Jerky

Just get some jerky or bread and stuff it into the bottle.

Step 5: Funnel

Make a funnel of duct tape so its big when the fish come but there so stupid that they don't know how to get out of the bottle

Step 6: Your Done




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    Loox like alot of FAIL

    This is a very good model. i used a 2 liter coke bottle and caught a 20 cm eel!

    i made one out of a Gatorade bottle but fish wont go in it just craw fish.....they still taste good

    I've made something similar to this and it works well for minnows.

    its nice, but i dont see why any fish would want to swim into that... i would think that they would be afraid of it. and yes im a fisher, minnows are that stupid that they dont know how to get out. of course i used a real stainless steel minnow trap.

    i doubt a 60 doller fish trap would break

    because this is a recycable and its takes 15-20 mins tops. And its NOT 60 BUCKS FOR A PIECE A CRAP THAT WILL BREAK SOONER OR LATER!.

    looking at the opening of the funnel...this is obviously not designed to catch's for small fish (such as minnows or other bait fish) with a properly constructed funnel trap you can catch a wide array of small to medium fish (i've caught perch and other such small fish in traps of this design before) you just need the proper ensentive for them to go into the trap on that note...i'd question the use of duct tape...especially for the funnel....the fish could get stuck to it and die in the trap vefore you get to it, or the chemicals in the glue could have adverse could easily make a funnel out of screening material and duct tape it to the the bottle

    because there bread/jerky and they are dumb