Picture of Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet
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Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed
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- loom
-rubber bands
- c-clips
- loom stick
;) have fun!!

Step 2: Starting Your Bracelet

Picture of Starting Your Bracelet
Make a infinity sign or a 8 and place it on your loom

Step 3:

Picture of
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Put a different color of your chose on top of the 8 or infinity sign and then do one more on top of that color

Step 4:

Picture of
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Now u will need to get your loom stick and grab 1 of the bottom rubber bands sides and put it on top and do the same with the other side of the bottom rubber band

Step 5:

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You will now put a color of chose on top of your other rubber band

!-tip- you will always have 3 rubber bands on your loom

Step 6:

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Grab the bottom bands and bring it to the top

Step 7:

Picture of
Continue this process until a desired length that should fit u !¡!¡

Step 8: Preparing To Put C-clip On

Picture of Preparing To Put C-clip On
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Now u will need to put your finger on the top and bottom of your bracelet and then u will need to pull out the two rubber bands that are there

Step 9: Putting C-clip On

Picture of Putting C-clip On
Get c-clip ready and put it through the holes on both sides of your bracelet

Step 10: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
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Now you will be able to wear your bracelet

Step 11:

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Make as much more as you want and have fun:)
sunshiine1 year ago

The bracelets look so pretty! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendid day!


ty1591 year ago

that's actually a single fishtails dont has the s and have to have 41

i5core1 year ago

where did you buy the loom and the bracelets from? I live in Dallas Texas 75981 area, does walmart have them?

Thank you, I love the colors!

as91 year ago
ehauss (author) 1 year ago
HollyMann1 year ago
Great job on the bracelets - these look so cute!!!
ehauss (author) 1 year ago
Sorry if it is not the best
ehauss (author) 1 year ago
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ehauss (author) 1 year ago
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Thanks em!! Look at mine plzz!!!!!!!!!