Clean the filthy glass on the inside of your fish tank or bowl without getting your hands dirty.

Step 1: Materials

you need:
1) 1.5L bottle top
2) polystyrene
3) 2 x strong magnets ( i got my 2 out of a hardrive from an old computer)
4) some felt
5) Hot glue
for the magnets take two tiny peices of plastic wrap, and make a magnet sammich :P then melt the pieces together with a lighter. voila! an airtight watertight magnet case to plop in!
I had the same idea, but on another website but someone commented that neodymium magnets (probably what is in the hard drive) are probably toxic to aquatic inverts (like shrimp) so it would not be a good idea. Also I've heard it's not a good idea to put any metal in an aquarium. Covering the metal magnets in felt does not provide a solid barrier to metal ions. So, what exactly are these hard drive magnets coated in? Chrome?
Dunno, how bout you just dip them in pool paint, or some sort of liquid plastic/silicon so the metal doesn't come in contact with the water
Good idea, but that hasn't been tested on aquatic inverts either. I thought of dipping them in Plastidip but that is probably poisonous also, even after it's dry.
just wrap them in some plastic wrap and take the tip of a hot glue gun or soldering iron to fuse the plastic ends together. Waterproof, and no need of finicky paints.<br />
There is a commercially available 'latex' that is brush on. It is inert, so won't harm your fish or add anything to the water. I have used it and had no problems.
You could&nbsp; cover that magnet the aquatic silicone stuff that you can get at pet stores. It is used for sealing glass tanks so I'm sure its safe for the fish.<br />
Alternatively get some aquatic snails, or fish that like sucking algae.
in my tank all I have is a pleco and 3 large snails.... and a DiRtY tank =) they dont help<br/>
For smaller aquariums, sucking-algae fish could be a problem. All the good ones are too big for a 10~20 gal aquarium that is already home to a lot of fish. Chinese Algae Eaters are the only small enough ones available around my area, but they stop eating it after a while. Anyways, on-topic.. this seems like a fun project. :)
you should try and get a bristlenose catfish, kinda cute and they should take care of any algae, if you only have a small tank, they dont need that much space. :)
snails are cool at first but they reproduce quickly and in large numbers and before you know it you have hundreds of tiny snails all over the place. they get annoying and are hard as hell to get rid of. on the topic of this instructable, i once purchased a commercial device like it and it worked well. i think if you replaced the felt on the inside magnet with the material from the scrubbing portion of a sponge it would work a little better. good job though.
looks like an orange cupcake... DANG, I made myself hungry! AGAIN!!!!!
how bout attack i wooden stick and scrub from above... lol that rhymes
attach a string to the two parts so that the magnet doesn't fall to the bottom of the tank if you pull the other one away and you dont have to reach in and grab it :D
never mind it floats lol
Wow, that is pretty ingenious. i gotta try that, i hate cleaning my fish's bowl because I hate getting my hands dirty.
This is a good idea. Just like what you can buy in the stores, but the fun is in making it!
Hmmm... very nice. I think kids would like to play with it :D
I like the idea about making it fish shaped. It would it give a better reason for being there and like you said the kids would love it too. Unfortunately the problem with the stones cant be avoided you just shouldnt get the wet part too close to the stones.
very nice, one issue we had with this was the wet part would pick up stones from the bottom and then scratch the glass. I dont think there's much you can do to avoid this. One suggestion, if you have kids you could get them interested by making the wet part fish shaped, then they could play and clean! Now, I'm staring out through dirty windows that I can clean because of seized storm windows.... hmmmmm

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