When you have a fish tank and you clean it the dirty water usually gets dumped outside. But did you know, it is fertilizing the ground you put it on. The filter the same thing, when you rinse it out all the yucky stuff on it the plants love. And with my pump every time the power goes off i have to refill it. So I wanted to try something else, here is my experiment.

Step 1:

I removed the filter pump and put a little water pump any small one will work.
I like it. As a kid I had an aquarium with an under sand filter where the bubbles pulled water up a pipe which pulled water down through the aquarium gravel. Same sort of idea but all in one with water plants instead of veggies. I planted live plants in the aquarium. In the 15 years I ran it, I only changed the water twice because I was re arranging my room and could not move the full tank. 4 algae eaters were not enough to keep the glass clean so I did have to scrape the glass every now and then and top up the water. I had different Tetras and Mollies over the years and they had very long lives.
depending on how big your tank is you might want to get some tilapia in it, they love algae but they will grow nice size. On the other hand you can also invite them for dinner when they get too big if you eat fish.
I think this is a Great idea, well done!
That is just a normal aquaponic system there is nothing special about it
nope, nothing special, it is something that anyone can put right in their house to grow plants inside, and use what ever they have to make it.
This is an interresting idea - kinda like reverse aquaponics, not using fish to fees plants but using plants to keep the fishtank clean. Thanks for sharing!

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