This is a quick and easy project to make on a laser cutter. (I just joined TechShop, and I now have access to all kinds of wonderful equipment, so this is probably the first in a series of "I made it at TechShop" Instructables.) This project assumes that you have already  had some training on safety and basic use of your particular model of laser cutter. My directions are agnostic - they should work whether you are using an Epilog or Trotech machine.

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials I used:

• a piece of ribbon
• a piece of orange origami paper
• a piece of 1/8-inch thick clear acrylic - approximately 2 inches x 4 inches (I found this among some scraps someone was throwing away.)
• a tiny amount of Weld-On acrylic cement

These were my tools:

• Adobe Illustrator, for creating the images
• a Trotech 100-watt laser cutter
• scissors to cut the ribbon
• toothpick to poke out one of the cutouts
<p>This is super cute! I love it!</p>
I love it!
Oh... This is <em>so</em> favourited!
Aw... Thank you so much! I am having such fun playing with lasers...
Thanks! I had great fun making it. Found the scrap of acrylic, and thought, &quot;What can I do with this?&quot; <br><br>One detail I forgot to add: The paper goldfish fits snugly in the cutout space, but because the acrylic is thicker than the paper, the fish moves slightly when the pendant is shaken, and this tiny movement makes me irrationally happy.
Oooh! I love this! I love the overall effect and the look of the fish in the tank!

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