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Usage: The Fisherman's Knot is used to join two lines of equal diameter. The knot can be easily tied with cold, wet hands. Though well suited to fishing, there are other knots which may provide superior performance, such as the Blood Knot.

Classification: Bend

Structure: The Fisherman's Knot is a bend with a symmetrical structure consisting of two overhand knots, each tied around the standing part of the other.

Strength/Reliability: Though associated with fishing,the Fisherman's Knot can slip when tied in nylon monofilament and other slippery lines. If more holding power is required, the Overhand Knots can be made with more turns, as in the Double Fisherman's Knot. It is compact, jamming when tightened and the working ends can be cropped very close to the knot.

Step 1:

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Take one of two ends of the line you wish to tie and tie a loose overhand knot into the end.

Step 2:

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Take the second end of your two lines you wish to join and feed it back through the overhand knot you just made.

Step 3:

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Now take the line you just fed through the overhand knot and feed it behind the first line.

Step 4:

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now turn it into a Overhand Knot

Step 5:

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Now pull both overhand knots tight and pull both ends of rope, the knots should slide together meeting in the middle.


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