These are my home-made fisherman's boots for walking in the water. You can make them from the items, normally found at home. The price for this creation is somewhere about �3.5 GBP :)

Step 1: What do you need ?

The idea is simple. Get something, that is waterproof and something that protect your feet from sharp object in the water.

You need :

1. black bags (4-6 pcs)
2. flip-flops (I'm using my "FAKE CROCS" from Primark for �3 GBP)
(If you are going to buy some, buy bigger one. At least one number or two bigger. I'll explain latter...)
3. some strings (I took it from my old shoes)
4. duct tape
5. scissors

There are other 2 tools, I didn't take the picture, but I used them:

6. long tweezers
7. red "stick" for holding the string

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