Introduction: Fisheye for Iphone From Recycled Lens

Picture of Fisheye for Iphone From Recycled Lens

here's a littletutorial
the ideais mainly toretrievean oldzoomwhichwas uselessbecauseof poor quality.

whatyou need:

abottlecap(I usedonesimilar to thatof the photo)
a lensonaZoomrecoveredorpurchasedat electronics stores

you have to disassemble the the "objective" (the poor one are easy), then retrieve the wanted lens

to know if the lenswilldo the trick,make the testas in the photo

therest ishistory,the photosspeak for themselves



Kiteman (author)2012-06-19


It's like I'm at the optician's!


nemo13 (author)Kiteman2012-06-19

you "ARE" an optician! no? because your avatar seems to be one :)