Fisheye lens for a screw mount leica or other screw mount rangefinder
While I realize there are very few people shooting a Leica, particularly a very old Leica such as a screw mount series, this is a fun project to repurpose a (censored) camera with a decent lens to a camera that I think is one of the best ever made.

Step 1: Prep

So you're not only going to need a Leica but also a Lomo Fisheye camera. You're going to need to remove the lens from the camera by taking it apart.
Expensive way to get a lousy "fisheye" (distorting ultrawide) -- the Lomo has become stylish enough to no longer be cheap. Some of the cheap fisheye converters actually give decent IQ at a lower cost... although they don't come with a viewfinder.
IIIC, correct? What year is yours?
yep, 1946. <br> <br>now keep in mind I am a Leica user so I used an M39 mount and have an M adapter for my M8 but this can but this mod can be done with pretty much any rangefinder or mirrorless camera or the Olympus PEN-F SLR (but that's going to be the only SLR I can think of that you'll be able to do this on) <br> <br>micro four thirds cameras are pretty popular right now, you can substitute the M39 body cap for an M4/3 one and in this case the lens barrel will need to be extended rather than filed down. but on an M4/3 camera the smaller sensor size will result in an equivalent focal length of 20mm. on a Leica M8 it would be 13mm APS-C sized sensors it would be 15mm and on a regular film camera it's 10mm.

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