Picture of Fishfrog27's Animal Crossing City Folk Daily routine.
I will be showing you my routine on accf. Please comment and give Animal crossing numbers. All you need is a Nintendo Wii, Wii remote and Animal crossing.

Step 1: First.

Picture of First.
Check you mail! You never know if you might have a present attached to the letters. You might also get good information on new events that are coming up.
I wish they would make a version of this game for DS, I don't have a wii.
They do, its called Animal Crossing: Wild World. You can find a used one for about $20 at GameStop
Rosilin4 years ago
Can my friend on her DS come visit me on the Wii?
arnoldt6 years ago
Just got this game not to long ago and it is very addicting, love it.
Bartboy arnoldt6 years ago
Have wifi?
The Fishfrog (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
My code is somewhere on ibles... just search wii friend codes.
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
They have wild world for ds which is animal crossing.
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
Check my account for codes for my wii.
Scott_Tx6 years ago
Instructables really needs the flag as lame button back
Lord do they ever. I'd do all his instructables
Why does he have instructables in parts! why not just one!?!?