Step 2: Second.

Find fossils for the museum. It feel amazing when you complete a skeleton. Also you learn great info on the dead critters themselves.
I wish they would make a version of this game for DS, I don't have a wii.
They do, its called Animal Crossing: Wild World. You can find a used one for about $20 at GameStop
Can my friend on her DS come visit me on the Wii?
Just got this game not to long ago and it is very addicting, love it.
Have wifi?
My code is somewhere on ibles... just search wii friend codes.
They have wild world for ds which is animal crossing.
Check my account for codes for my wii.
Instructables really needs the flag as lame button back
Lord do they ever. I'd do all his instructables
Why does he have instructables in parts! why not just one!?!?

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