Well shoot. We've been fishin for squirrels about 5 years now, and it's as fun as sloppin in the mud on a hot July day. It's easy as pie too-even grandma will get in on the fun. And it sure as heck beats the fun you have trying to find her dentures in the garbage disposal.

This game is for any age to play. It's also cheap and fun. So have a go at it- it's just the darndest thing!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

Supply List (one pole):

(1) whole peanuts.
(2) a stick or wooden dowel.
(3) string, cut to length (at least 4-9 ft).

Poor squirrel!!! Even though I blow them with the 12 gauge! !!
Haha! I have to try this! Hopefully I can make it my dinner, lol! Thanks fir the idea!
<p>Thanks! It's so much fun. Ya'll won't regret it!</p>
I love doing this! Here's a picture of a squirrel I &quot;caught.&quot;
I just noticed this picture. So awesome! Thanks for sharing!
that is the best!!!
Haha, I've done this for YEARS! It's quite hilarious. I found it much easier to just use a fishing pole though. The resident squirrels will learn the rope holds the nut, the fishing line is harder for them to see, and sometimes they can chew through it, but it's still a blast.
But the end of the video was awkward.
So cute
Too cute. I was a little worried when I first read the title but this is a neat idea
There is a huge difference between squirrels and rats - the average squirrels lives for 25 years! It's true, they have a big life, a big social life, they really do. A rat's average life span is only 3 years. Both of these animals are smart but there is a reason to practice scientific experiments on an animal with such a short life span. Please think again before you shoot a squirrel. When you take out an animal with such a long life span you affect all of it's friends and family. The higher the play level of an animal the higher its intelligence. Squirrels play all day. Just watch them next time for a bit before you shoot.
Too cute!!!
thanx man i drived them into a spiky mouse trap fixed on a wooden bar and i had an amazing BBQ Squirrel diner :D
Oh snap! (literally :)
come-on they where tasty
that looks too funnnnnnnn! thanks for the idea.
we do this all the time in Montana, except we catch grizzly bears...surprisingly easy to lure them in when using the neighbor's kids as bait... :) <br> <br>
Haha! Excellent.
I did this same thing with some ferrets I had and a rubber chew toy they loved, I just tied it onto a fishing pole and once I got a bite I started reeling them in xD Made catching them when I had to put them up quick and fun xD
That's awesome. This game is just that- playing tug with a squirrel like you would with a dog (or ferret!) and a chew toy. Fun.
I've been doing this since I was a little kid, only we used a kids mickey mouse fishing pole. This allowed us to actually real in the chipmunks until they realized they were only a few feet from us, let go and ran off.
Sweet. Some good memories there I bet. I guess using a stick and string is what makes this such a redneck thing to do; you're just winging it with what you have!<br> <br>
Buy any redneck worthy of a titles has proper fishing poles for every family member, and extras for the guests to use. Not guests that are rednecks, because those guests have their's in the vehicle they arrived in.<strong> :)</strong> I always has fishing gear in the trunk until I got a Camaro, and there was no room.
My father is an avid fisherman, so I think I owned my own fishing pole before I could walk. lol We usually did this while camping.
From the video it looks to me that particular group of squirrels are willing participants in the game . Wonder how long they will participate before expending their energy on finding food they can have, unless they are being feed nuts they can have, and store up?
Glad you could make it work. I tried to make a documentary on squirrel fishing and I couldn't make it happen. <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJAPGnkqr1I
HI-lar-eee-ous!!!!! <br> <br>I do wild animal rescue and have raised hundreds of baby squirrels--they are the cutest and smartest lil things! <br> <br>They ALSO like--chocolate--(Please do NOT give my addy to the squirrel nazis here!!!) and will TUNNEL thru a choc cake. Do not ask how I know this. They also love hazelnuts and we had one that got out of his cage and hid 50 POUNDS of the nuts throughout my house---we found those for YEARS. <br> <br>We had one that would swim in our fishtank <br> <br>And one that built &quot;bridges&quot; of our drapery cords <br> <br>One we released used to come and feed and then would run and LEAP onto the frozen surface of our outside man made pond and scamper back out again--over and over and over and over---- <br> <br>They will store cherries etc behind the bark on pine trees--tuck it in under the edges <br> <br>They do NOT carry rabies--like all rodents. <br> <br>We had one that had been grabbed and injured by a hawk and was partly paralyzed---I used to carry her around in a small basket and take her to visit in hospitals <br> <br>They will chew on bones and antlers for the minerals and to sharpen their teeth <br> <br>And they will THANK YOU for offering them salted items as they SEEK OUT SALT from natural licks---you can see them at some salt blocks on farms sometimes! <br> <br>Side note--porcupines will chew wood on smoke houses and bunk boards to get at the salt <br> <br>We have been many places where by just offering squirrels food we have had them climb all over us. Somewhere in Texas there is a church group with pics of my kids and extra large BLACK squirrels in Montreal. They dug out their airline peanuts for US to feed to the squirrels since they were terrified they would mess up their HAIR. Do ya all not HAVE squirrels in Texas??? <br> <br>My kids think that the Grand Canyon is a big hole in the ground---with squirrels. We took the train and lugged a 50 pound sack of nuts and seeds in for them. Way to attract tourist attention! <br> <br>Very funny and will have to try this at the park--I used to have tons of squirrels when I lived in a more urban area--now I live way far out in Cow Country in the North East and if we see one squirrel here it is reason for a celebration! I even planted an oak tree in the yard (which my kids and hubby HATE) and TWO black walnut trees (ditto!) to attract some. We have thousands of annoying walnuts but few lil grey or red critters. <br> <br>Sigh.
Ah, yes... I used to do this when I was a kid. Sometimes I'd attract a raccoon.
oh man that looks hilarious, I've got a little brother who will love doing this. Thanks for posting!
Thank you! He'll love it!
Trying to be positive and constructive with my comments, but sorry I can't think of anything. Why would you tease the poor squirrels that way and then pull on them once they grab on to the peanut. Like you said, they won't let go, they're scared but they want the peanut - so just give them the peanut and find something else to do for 'fun'.
Way to cute definetly a winner my wife loved the video. <br>Joe
I'll have to try it with the boy come spring. Though I mostly just walk up to them and give out the peanuts now. Last year a mom took her babies out to learn how to get peanuts from me - Pretty cute.
Wonderful! I've some in my garden, that's a few summer evenings' skit sorted.
As a kid our neighborhood squirrels were fearless. No need for poles and string, the little buggers would climb onto my lap and dig in my pockets as that's where I stashed the nuts I was feeding them. I was literally scared stiff. After that we would hand feed them, with raw nuts from the grocery store. This went on until one accidentally bit my finger tip (mistook it for a small nut I guess). The squirrel looked almost apologetic about the bite, it didn't even hurt. I was just terrified about disease and scared my parents would take me in for rabies shots or something. After that episode we stopped hand feeding and set up a squirrel feeder instead. :)<br><br>Now that I've got children of my own I think I'll introduce them to THIS method rather than the method I used as a child. Seems to be MUCH safer. Thanks for sharing!
I wonder how some smart urban park squirrels would react to this. <br> <br>A squirrel once &quot;mugged&quot; me in Manhattan's Madison Square Park for a cheese cracker I had just pulled from its packet, by jumping up onto the park bench and swatting it with its tail. By the time I could react, the squirrel and the cracker were gone. <br> <br>
No way! I might sound cheesy, but it sounds like your outing wasn't what it crackered up to be. <br>
Go to a city park where the squirrels are less scared and used to people feeding them.
That's a laugh-and-a-half! <br>I'm going to use a kid's rod and reel, or a Ronco pocket fisherman.
I call them tree rats. Just look at a side view profile of a squirrel and you'll see why; the only real difference is a squirrel has a bushy tail. <br> <br>I have a log cabin house and the squirrels like to gnaw on the ends of the logs on the corners of the house, seems that's how they keep their teeth sharp. I've found that the most effective to catch squirrels is via high speed lead poisoning: a .22 cal. Remington with a scope.
Yikes! We're just fishing for fun- a catch and release type deal. Squirrels are less gross to me than rats. It must be their tail.
I once caught a squirrel [....<em>this</em>....] big!
Hahaha! Nice!
Im glad this made the weekly email! I used to do this all the time as a kid. They seem to hold on no matter what u do to them :D.
Yeah, that is the funniest part about it to me. Cracks me up every time.
This is a great Instructable!! We have a problem with too many squirrels - I'm going to try this with a big rat sized spring trap on the end so we can eliminate a few squirrels while having fun!! <br> <br>Thanks!
Tough times there! Thanks for the compliment!

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