Fishing 2 in 1: Keep Kids Happy and Score Gear





Introduction: Fishing 2 in 1: Keep Kids Happy and Score Gear

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Whenever I go fishing with my family my two younger brothers always get bored. They get angry about the abscence of fish, and are not patient (which is to be expected at that young of an age.) What we do is we send them searching for abandoned lures and other goodies. We always find stuff, and sometimes we will find a complete line with bobber, weights, and a lure. Over the years I have collected many things. The things shown are what my siblings and I found in less that two hours at Jefferson Lake in Colorado. (Im not sure why anyone would use such a large lure where we where, the largest fish we caught was a 6 inch Rainbow Trout.) So if your children become restless, you can simply let them roam and find fishing supplies.



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    So did u make this bobber or find it? Kinda confused cuz u have another ible that says u made it.

    I do this myself I don't have alot of tackle and it's fun. You'd be amazed at the number of finds that just look like someone kicked over a tackle box.

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    Oh yeah and weights are sometimes a indicator to dig a lil bit

    Cool! Im 14 fourteen and i love to go fishing where i live in florida. Ive been trying to find a good lure i could make on my lathe. This is a good idea to get supplies like treble hooks.

    I did it. Just wanna test it out...

    Yeah I plan to try.