Fishing Bait Cup 3D Printing




Introduction: Fishing Bait Cup 3D Printing

OK, here is an EASY 3D printed project for the fisherman (or woman :)) It's not much of an instructable for but here it is...

What is needed:

  • 3D printer
  • fishing line
  • Swivels for fishing

Ever been fishing off a dock and the guy next to you seems to have lots of bites while you're not getting any action?

Included is a design file to make a bait cup and attaches to your fishing line. Simply print of 2, run a fishing line through the center of both, attach a swivel on each end and install between your hook and leader. Fill the bait-cup with your favorite bait and snap together. This will provide an extra scent to that little bait at the end of your hook and the fish will come swimming to your spot. I've used these with bobber fishing and they do help to attract the fish. Let me know if they work for you.

Happy Fishing!




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