Step 2: Making the Seat Top

The hardest part of the whole project is cutting the seat board to shape and that's pretty easy.

1.  Turn the bucket upside down on the plywood and trace the outline of the bucket.

2.  Used the saber was to cut along the line to shape the seat.

3.  Sand the edges if required to make the edges smooth.
<p>hmmmm how about a cutting board on the underside of the seat?</p>
<p>I need to make one of these. I also have an extendable fishing pole that will fit in this just dandy. Thanks for the post.</p>
Done a round one.
Looks great. I like the seat with a back. Good work.
Looks great. I like the seat with a back. Good work.
SUPER idea. I go through 2 of these buckets a month. Favorited! This has spawned other bucket ideas in my head. Thanks!
Thanks. I like the square buckets better than the round ones. My wife uses one for her gardening tools.
Wow - I like this. I would like something like this for my garden / irrigation tools. This would give a strong tool box, room to store the little fittings and a clean place to sit while I ponder the mess I've made. I could even kneel on the padded seat top when I'm connecting pipe.
nice.<br><br>You can use a sheet of mylar (say from the wrapper of a spiral sliced pre-cooked ham or a &quot;space blanket&quot;) on top of the cushion to mimic some of the sportsman bucket seats I've seen for sale.
fantastic design. 5 stars.

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