Step 8: You Can Use the Seat for Storage Too

I used Velcro to secure the smaller box to the underside of the seat to maximize the space inside the bucket.
<p>hmmmm how about a cutting board on the underside of the seat?</p>
<p>I need to make one of these. I also have an extendable fishing pole that will fit in this just dandy. Thanks for the post.</p>
Done a round one.
Looks great. I like the seat with a back. Good work.
Looks great. I like the seat with a back. Good work.
SUPER idea. I go through 2 of these buckets a month. Favorited! This has spawned other bucket ideas in my head. Thanks!
Thanks. I like the square buckets better than the round ones. My wife uses one for her gardening tools.
Wow - I like this. I would like something like this for my garden / irrigation tools. This would give a strong tool box, room to store the little fittings and a clean place to sit while I ponder the mess I've made. I could even kneel on the padded seat top when I'm connecting pipe.
nice.<br><br>You can use a sheet of mylar (say from the wrapper of a spiral sliced pre-cooked ham or a &quot;space blanket&quot;) on top of the cushion to mimic some of the sportsman bucket seats I've seen for sale.
fantastic design. 5 stars.

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