This is a mini fishing hook i made for my survival kit, because its so small, and it fits in every survival kit. Its not turn out so Well, but you can make yours better.

Step 1: You Will Need

A pop tab
Something that can cut the metal
Someshing that can bend the metal

Step 2: Cut!

The red lines show you where to cut!

Step 3: Bend!

The blue line show you where to bend!

Step 4: Clean!

Clean it up so it looks nice, maybe make it a little bit sharper!

Step 5: Done!

Hello, my name is DanishMaker. I make some survival things you can use in survival situtations, follow me if you want more survival thing, or check my other totorials!
<p>Friend; Znaffi pointed out that my comment was too 'snarky'. Sorry. Let me just say that I l liked your 'survival tin' post very much. Your pictures and text were well done. Don't stop being creative. Merry Christmas.</p>
<p>Friend; please consider taking down this 'Instructionable'. It will not catch fish, but what is more important, it will not hold the fish. It is not good to give out false information.</p>
<p>I do not see any reason for him to do that. He has not actually promised, that it is going to catch a lot of fish. Maybe it will and maybe it won't. You don't have to make it, if you do not think it works. I think it is a creative instructable, and I like it :)</p>
I dont have pics
Mario2007 i had catch a fish with it, sry
prove it
Lilchumy ok, thank you! ;-)
I voted for your ible please vote for my &quot;guide to fresh water fishing&quot; ible registered in the hunter gather contest. Really appreciate it!
That hook design will not catch anything.
Ok Thank you! ;-)
It must have a barb. You can add one by cutting a slit on an angle about 1/2 a centre meter from the top
Lol why?
Its because i dont want to go out and buy one, if i just can make it for free ;-)
<p>I was just wondering why you would make this, if you planned on putting it in a survival kit. Wouldn't it be easier to put real hooks in the survival kit?</p>

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Bio: I live in Denmark, and i will show you how to make things for survival, art, awesomeness, and much more! Check it out! ??
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