Fishing Knot: How to Tie Improved Clinch Knot





Introduction: Fishing Knot: How to Tie Improved Clinch Knot

About: I am an elementary physical education teacher. I love my job, fishing, and especially my family. I love to fix things, Build things, and create things.

This is the first knot I learned to use for fishing. I know their is better ones, but people are known to stick to what their good at. Please Vote!

Step 1: Run Main Line Through Lure Eye

Step 2: Take Tag End Run Twist It Around the Main Line; 7-8 Times

Step 3: After Twisting Run Tag End Through the First Loop

Step 4: Run Tag End Through the Large Loop You Created From Previous Step

Step 5: Moisten With Spit and Pull Tight; Go Fishing

I hope you enjoyed! If any question, send a message or leave a comment.

Step 6:



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    I voted for your ible please vote for my "guide to fresh water fishing" ible registered in the hunter gather contest. Really appreciate it!

    Thank you for your feed back!!

    Thank you for the comments...rhino I'm going to use that "spit of a virgin" with my son when he's big enough haha

    That looks like a legit knot. im gonna try that next time I tie something. My knot skills are way low because i can use the fingers in my hand but this looks doable. Thanks.

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    Excellent explanation of the greatest fishing knot known to men or Gods. When I was taught this knot many decades ago it was explained to me that you had to use the spit of a virgin. Later on I learned that was not exactly so. I guess the old man was trying to use my love of fishing to keep me on the straight and narrow. Voted.


    In the uk this is called a half blood tuck (the tuck being the last tuck through the loop) as opposed to the half blood (without the last tuck)

    it is a great knot and will often outlast the strength of the fishing line, the saliva is key to this as it is a friction knot and will stress the fishing line when pulled tight without the saliva. this is the main knot i sue whenever i go fishing, it is also the simplest knot to teach kids when the go fishing.

    this is a great instructable good work