I've made this awesome fishing line spooler it's very quick and easy to make and use.

Step 1: Cutting

First cut 2 2 and a half inch by 5 and half inch for the sides and a 13 inch by 5and a half inch for the bottom and cut 2 grooves for the line holder
Well done. This will work great for bait casters, but I have to say that this design unfortunately won't spool a spinning reel properly. Due to the memory that develops when line sits on a spool, manufacturers intend for you to spool Line onto a spinning reel with the spool laying flat. Most spinning reels rotate counter clockwise, thus the line should leave the spool counter clockwise. This usually requires the spool to be oriented such that the label is facing up, but you should always make sure. A properly spooled spinning reel should NEVER suffer from wind knots and tangles. If you have this issue, it is due to the way you are spooling line onto the reel. <br><br>Regardless, well done. Thanks for sharing your design
<p>You are hundred percent right but because the diameter on the line spool and the reel spool one can turn the line spool around sometimes for a while to make up for the little bit of windup.</p>
<p>I made your jig for spooling on new line. I added an end board with a dowel pointing straight out towards the reel. I drilled some holes in the dowel to put a pin through to keep the line spool in place. I used a board wide enough to span the width of the tenon for your dowel. I remove the dowel, slide in the back board, slide on the line spool over the back board's dowel lock and unload the new line to your spinning reel. One added thing. Make sure there is some tension on the line spool. Not much just so the line spool doesn't back lash.</p>
Please follow me to thanks
Geller6980, yes, braid typically does not have memory
<p>Ha, a must-make!</p>
And those are some nice bass in your picture, good luck fishing!
Cool thanks a lot
No you just reel the other way it's built perfectly and nothing is wrong with it and nothing happens to the line
My apologies- most reels spin clockwise, but the line should still leave the spool counter clockwise.

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