Step 3: Attach Everything

Picture of Attach Everything
hole in dowel.jpg
superglue dowel.jpg
finished lures.jpg

Now, screw in your hook into one side of the wooden dowel and if needed, tighten the ring on the hook using some pliers if there is an opening in the ring, which will protect your fishing line from escaping. If tightening doesn't completely close the ring, add some superglue or hot glue to where both ends meet to close the loop. (1st picture)

Then, drill a hole on the other side of the wooden dowel so that the aglet of the shoelace will be able to fit snug. Also, make sure that the hole is deep enough so that the aglet can fit entirely into the hole. (2nd picture)

Lastly, take your superglue and add a small amount of it into the hole, then just insert your skirt into the hole and let it dry. (3rd picture)

Once the superglue dries and the skirt is secure, the lure is complete! (4th picture)

Optional: Paint the dowel and the skirt using water resistant paint (I recommend painting the dowel to make it resemble a small fish, which will attract other fish who think it is prey).

nimster642 years ago
wheres the hook?