Ever get tired of carrying your poles so carefully through the brush, tall grass, or woods because they get caught on everything in their way? Want to just keep your hands free when on a nice long trek to that hidden fishing hole? Well that's exactly what I thought, so I created this VERY easy carrying tube to collapse my poles and place them in the tube, and hit the trails! I use a carry bag for my tackle box, so I just remove the reels from the rods and place them in the bag with the tackle, and reassemble when ready to fish.

This Instructable is so very easy, all the supplies/tools you need are:
1 - 3" PVC Cap
1 - 3'ft PVC (thin wall) piece of pipe
Drill (drill bits to match bolt sizes)
Misc. bolts/nuts/washers

The rest are items found around home, such as the strap from a duffle/shoulder type bag, and I chose to use some camo Duct tape and wrap around the pipe.
1 - Strap
1 - Duct tape (if you choose)

Step 1:

First you will need to start with the obvious, purchasing the items shown and listed. I decided to go with 3" thin wall PVC pipe. Purchased from local hardware store, sold by the foot. I included a cap for the bottom of the tube, and got some misc. sized bolts/washers/nuts. If you have to get a larger size piece, that's where the hacksaw will come in handy. 3'ft works best for my frame and height, and standard fishing rod lengths.
<p>Is that size pipe big enough to carry two rods broken down?</p>
<p>Yes, I have carried 3 broken down rods, with the reels being carried in my tackle bag.</p>
Okay I have made one before but without a strap just never had one available but reading yours I had an idea, you could glue some plastic styrofoam around the top end inside the pipe and that could make a great lure and hook holder if you don't want to carry unnecessary tackle, cork would work too or wine bottle corks. Just an idea! Thanks for sharing!
Muy bueno, gracias por compartirlo, voy a hacer uno. Saludos
Please translate.
Very good, thanks for sharing, I'll make one. regards
Hi, you asked for constructive criticism... <br>I absolutely LOVE this idea. <br>More pictures the better. <br>About how much did the supplies cost? <br>How much duct tape did you use? A whole roll? <br>Thank you so much for taking the time to post this idea. My boys adn I will certainly be trying this out.
I honestly can't remember back about the supplies. All you are needing is the PVC pipe and a cap. The pipe you can buy most places by the foot. The strap was from an old duffel bag, always find reusables for parts like that. And duct tape, prob 1/4 roll? Yuo could also spray paint it and give it your own camo theme if you wanted. Thanks for the message! Recently, I used it as a quiver when we went camping and took the compound box with us, needed to carry all the arrows.
Will make one soon! <br>
Thanks, this is perfect ! My boyfriend has his fishing poles in the SUV (which is also our work vehicle!) and is always saying, &quot;watch out for my fishing poles!&quot; &quot;hey, don't put that on my fishing poles!&quot; ...so I decided to look for a fishing rod container and this is perfect. I was gonna email your page to him (okay, we have a business together so his computer is about 3' from mine) but your plan looks so simple I think I'll just go out in our workshop this weekend and make one. I've got plenty of old straps, etc. just need the pipe. Thanks for posting.<br>Best wishes to you and your kids, I hope your boy continues to do well in school, it isn't always easy but so worth it !
Thank you very much for your positive remarks! I have seen these professionally manufactured and sold but why spend that kind of money? I just started picking up fishing again and thanks to this website and all the MANY ideas I have enjoyed viewing, I thought I would make one of my own. I have another plan I want to post but will have to wait to take pictures thru the phases of production. I have always had the nack at looking at things once and being able to remake and put my own twist to it, along with my own ideas of course. Hope your boyfriend enjoys this! Make it as a surprise for him. That would be an awesome gift if it was me, not knowing or expecting it! Take care!
My dad used to make these! All different sizes from what I remember. But he used to spray paint them instead of the duct tape. Thanks for sharing this!
This is my 1st Instructable! Please give constructive criticism, or none at all! I look forward to adding other homemade ideas I have that I have turned in to something useful. Thanks for viewing!

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