Introduction: Fishing Bracelet

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The man's jewelry

Step 1: Fishing Supplies

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The remote what kind you can choose for fishing lure remove the hooks and get one as close to the size of barrel swivel as you have

Step 2: Unhooking

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Unlock the entire package and more if you need

Step 3: The Link

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Connect all swivels together except for the first one

Step 4: the Bling

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measure the lure to the swivel so you know how many swivels to take away

Step 5: The Connection

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Connect the lure with the ring connector to the back end of small part of the swivel

Step 6: Sizing

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You want it to be 1 swivel size bigger then your wrist

Step 7: Don't Stop Wearing It

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The part about the swivel and the lure is that they are waterproof so you can do anything in them and they're more likely to rust then break


The outdoors man (author)2014-02-25

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