Fishing Hooks


Introduction: Fishing Hooks

This is part of the coke can survival guide mainly because of the amount of coke cans around even in the wild, but also because fish are a great source of food and seeing as 70% of the earths surface is water it isn't hard to come by this vital source of food in a survival situation

Step 1: Equipment

for this instructable you will need a can with its tab
a marker pen
and a pair of wire cutters(i used the ones on my mini multi-tool)

Step 2: Resources

first off you are going to need to get the tabs of the cans which im sure you won't need an explanation on how to do

Step 3: Planning

then you are going to need to mark out where to cut. make sure you have adequate space between the point and the loop so the fish can get hooked

Step 4:

next get your pliers / wire cutters and cut along the marks you made earlier, make sure the point is sharp enough to catch a fish

Step 5:

Then its up to you to go out and fish



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    IRN BRU fishing hooks, only in Scotland...

    If it looks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck Then it must be a duck!

    However Have you actually caught anything with such a DIY hook?

    At least a bent pin has a sharp end.

    1 reply

    im sure other items would work just as well if not better, but i made this project as part of a guide ' ' and i don't generally fish i just thought this is an excellent use of an everyday item, i have learn't how to make it by looking at how others have constructed theirs and by what i have heard, and as for the blunt looking end this can easily be sharpened to a point with a few clips from the wirecutters, thank you for your feedback