Step 3: Putting on some hardware and flare

Picture of Putting on some hardware and flare
I would like to tell you that I put the hook on last, as any smart man would have been inclined to do,... but  as I am destined to leave most of my wisdom at the door when I step outside. I began by putting a swivel on and then secondly a hook in place. Hence,the alledged cussing aforementioned earlier. But nevermind that, your goal here is to attach a swivel to all three circles in your fishing safety pin,and then a piece of metal (with small hole drilled into it), to one arm, at the end of the swivel located there. This small piece of metal I cut out and drilled myself, in order to save even more, It did not dawn on me that I could have flattened the head that i removed in the first step,and used the result as my metal" flash attention getter" for the fish,untill I was writing up this article.
Picture four is the end result of my first safety pin fishing assembly I rigged up for this instructable.In case you are curious I am sitting right on the creek bank as I do this,wishing I had a laser cutter to make my safety pin fishing flasher (piece of metal), much easier to cut out in bulk.
Before I go on,... I need to point out it took me many,... many minutes to convince my wife the importantance of this instructable.Cutting grass would have to wait. Cleaning up the trash in the yard,... sorry babe i can't. Weeding the garden,but,... but,...but the world needs my knowledge in order to save money. And as much as I hate,really hate to put all that very important stuff on the back burner,.. I must  go fishing, so I can use the valuable time to take pictures and document the steps needed to save money.
Boys let me tell you I am smooth,... all those practiced, and well thought out words,achieved my goal.( notice I did not mention the fact that I also gave her forty dollars to go buy herself something. )
wow no way am i spending the money on "spinner lures: when i can make this! well done! i too, hate the price of fishing hooks, lures etc and would much rather make my own