Fishnet Beanie


Introduction: Fishnet Beanie

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This is one fantastic beanie- it has bags of style and character and is so cute to wear!

Made using 100% untreated wool it is eco-friendly, light weight and keeps your head comfortable.

This is a fun crochet pattern- it took me around 2-3 hours to make. This beanie is slightly shorter and I feel because of the strong style of it it suits the beanie. The beanie is made in two parts- the inner and then the fishnet outer. The fishnet out isthen attached using one round and then a further few rounds are added of the fishnet colour to create the edging.

Pattern by the brilliant



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    Hi if you visit you can get the pattern there :)


    Ugh, that's not how this site is supposed to work, is it? I mean, it's meant to be full of DIY tutorials, not an advertising platform.

    Unfortunately I don't have money to buy the pattern. It's a cute hat though.