Picture of Fishpond fountain

a garden fountain / pond quite a simple build, took about 3 working days

Step 1: The Trough

Picture of The Trough

a 750 litre stock trough without ballcock


well done, simple design

buck2217 (author)  sarahhanahghan2 months ago

Thanks, sorry for the late reply it seems I am no longer getting email notifications

JoanK13 months ago

Pond is looking nice. Very nicely you shared pond building steps. For building pond we have to choose very carefully pond liner. Because pond’s life depends upon the pond liner. Get more info

buck2217 (author)  JoanK12 months ago

Thank you, apologies for the late reply it seems that I am not getting email notifications for some reason

What a cool fountain, and how easy was that to make!

buck2217 (author)  Barbara Pevafersa5 months ago
It was pretty easy Barbara, the only problem was to get the circular shape and nice mortar gaps I had to cut a small piece from the back af every alternate brick. easy enough with an angle grinder. The build took 2 days including the base etc. Have a look at the other fountain I made from a spa too, that was made for next to nothing
seamster1 year ago

Nice fountain, simple construction. Excellent project, thanks for sharing it!

buck2217 (author)  seamster1 year ago

have a look at the other fishpond fountain I made too (what to do with an old spa)

tofugami1 year ago
I like how it glows in the night.
Something you can do to make better is get solar panels from walkway lights and run rgb led strips on inner rims of waterfall to enhance the whole thing
Great job did this professionally for awhile.
mdhteach1 year ago
great job... thanks for getting it to post... beautiful!