Picture of Fishpond fountain

a garden fountain / pond quite a simple build, took about 3 working days

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Step 1: The Trough

Picture of The Trough

a 750 litre stock trough without ballcock

Step 2: Position and concrete base

Picture of Position and concrete base
03 pad.jpg
04 size.jpg

If you don't position and get the nod from the "boss" you know it will be in the wrong place for her!!

Step 3: Put in stand and start brickwork

Picture of Put in stand and start brickwork
07 first course.jpg
08 second course.jpg

Had to trim back of bricks to get good mortar gaps

Step 4: Add bowl and rest of bricks

Picture of Add bowl and rest of bricks
10 third course.jpg

Bowl is heavy, I needed help from a friend --that makes sure he'll never visit again!!

Step 5: Cut and trial fit top bricks

Picture of Cut and trial fit top bricks
12 top course on.jpg

I drew the trough outline on the concrete first as a template

Step 6: Tada finished beer incoming!!

Picture of Tada finished beer incoming!!
14 lights.jpg
seamster6 months ago

Nice fountain, simple construction. Excellent project, thanks for sharing it!

buck2217 (author)  seamster6 months ago

have a look at the other fishpond fountain I made too (what to do with an old spa)

tofu9117 months ago
I like how it glows in the night.
Something you can do to make better is get solar panels from walkway lights and run rgb led strips on inner rims of waterfall to enhance the whole thing
Great job did this professionally for awhile.
mdhteach7 months ago
great job... thanks for getting it to post... beautiful!