Fishpond Fountain





Introduction: Fishpond Fountain

a garden fountain / pond quite a simple build, took about 3 working days

Step 1: The Trough

a 750 litre stock trough without ballcock

Step 2: Position and Concrete Base

If you don't position and get the nod from the "boss" you know it will be in the wrong place for her!!

Step 3: Put in Stand and Start Brickwork

Had to trim back of bricks to get good mortar gaps

Step 4: Add Bowl and Rest of Bricks

Bowl is heavy, I needed help from a friend --that makes sure he'll never visit again!!

Step 5: Cut and Trial Fit Top Bricks

I drew the trough outline on the concrete first as a template

Step 6: Tada Finished Beer Incoming!!



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    Thanks, sorry for the late reply it seems I am no longer getting email notifications

    Thank you, apologies for the late reply it seems that I am not getting email notifications for some reason

    What a cool fountain, and how easy was that to make!

    It was pretty easy Barbara, the only problem was to get the circular shape and nice mortar gaps I had to cut a small piece from the back af every alternate brick. easy enough with an angle grinder. The build took 2 days including the base etc. Have a look at the other fountain I made from a spa too, that was made for next to nothing

    Nice fountain, simple construction. Excellent project, thanks for sharing it!

    have a look at the other fishpond fountain I made too (what to do with an old spa)

    I like how it glows in the night.

    Something you can do to make better is get solar panels from walkway lights and run rgb led strips on inner rims of waterfall to enhance the whole thing