Introduction: Fishtail Bracelet

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Fish tail bracelets are super fun and easy to make. You will only need a loom kit (ex: rainbow loom; fun loomz) enjoy!

Step 1: Picking Colors

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You will need to pick your colors first I would recommend a pattern ( Etc)...

Step 2: Starting Your Fishtail

Picture of Starting Your Fishtail

The very first thing you need to do is make a figure-8 out of the first rubber band than add the next color on normally (no figure 8) and than the next (you will only have three bands on)

Step 3: The First Loop

Picture of The First Loop

Now you need to take the figure-8 and loop it over the first two (see picture)... You need take another rubber band( that color) and put it on normally.

Step 4: Adding on and on and On....

Picture of Adding on and on and On....

Finally you keep taking the bottom band and pull it two the top and add another band. Do this step until you've reached your desired length.

Step 5: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Finally you take the remaining bands and put them over the remaining band now clip the two ends together and your done!


Kaitlyngilkey (author)2014-01-02


zamrin (author)2014-01-02

Nice colors :)

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