Introduction: Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show u how to make an easy Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

Here is the bracelet we will be making

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

A metal hook

A mini loom

2 x rubber bands colors (pink and green). You can use any colors you want. For each color I use around 18 rubber bands.

C-clip (you can also use S-clip)

Step 2: Add First 3 Bands

Picture of Add First 3 Bands

Add first pink rubber band and twisted

Next loop a green band

then loop a pink band

Step 3: Unhook Bottom Pink Band

Picture of Unhook Bottom Pink Band

Unhook bottom pink band one end to the top

Do the same for the other end

Step 4: Add Next Green Band

Picture of Add Next Green Band

Loop a green band

Unhook the bottom band (green) to the top

Step 5: Repeat the Pattern

Picture of Repeat the Pattern

Add next band, which is pink color

Unhook bottom band to top

Alternate color for each loop

Step 6: Transfer Bracelet Into Hook

Picture of Transfer Bracelet Into Hook

Your bracelet should look something like this

Unhook one end all rubber bands

Slide hook under the other end rubber bands, unhook it and slip into finger

Step 7: Add Clip to Rubber Bands

Picture of Add Clip to Rubber Bands

Unhook all the rubber bands and hook into one end of C or S clip

Hook the other end of clip to the other end of bracelet

Step 8: Result

Picture of Result

You should have a Fishtail bracelet as show

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you..

Please check out my Youtube video for bracelet making process.


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