Picture of Fishtail Rainbow Loom
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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Gather your supplies.

Step 2: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
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Get one rubber band. Twist it and place it on the loom. Get one C-clip and put it on the rubber band.

Step 3: Next Two

Picture of Next Two
Gather your next two colors and place them on the loom.

Step 4: Hook Time

Get your hook. Grab the bottom rubber band and pull It over the peg. Repeat on other side.

Step 5: New Band

Picture of New Band
Get your next color rubber band and place it down (if you are using three colors, the next color is the same as the one you just pulled over)

Step 6: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
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13, 6:17 PM.jpg
Repeat step 5 until your bracelet can fit around your wrist or whatever you want to make it for.

Step 7: Ending

Picture of Ending
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Put the hook through the last color and take it off the loom. Then, connect the C-Clip to the end and pull it off the loom.
Yay! You are finished!
slee1041 year ago

this is sooo cool