Fishtail Rubberband Bracelet

Picture of Fishtail Rubberband Bracelet
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Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed
- rubberbands
- loom hook
- loom
- c-clip

Step 2: Starting Off Your Bracelet

Picture of Starting Off Your Bracelet
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
First you are gonna choose the color you want the bracelet to start out with then you will make an infinity sign and place it on the loom

Step 3: Movin On

Picture of Movin On
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
Now you are gonna pick 2 more colors of your chose and put them on top of the infinity sign rubberband

Step 4:

Picture of
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
Now you will take the rubberband on bottom and pull them above the top rubberband (look at pictures!)

Step 5: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
Now you will repeat the process until u get to the length that will fit you

Step 6: C-clip Time

Picture of C-clip Time
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
14, 9:16 AM.jpg
First u will slide ur bracelet of with your fingers then you will take the 2 bands off that r hanging then attach c clip to both ends . that's all u have to do!

Step 7: DONE

Picture of DONE
Now u r ready to wear your braclet

Step 8: Thank You

Thank you for lolling at it don't forget to like it and comment also FOLLOW me . I HOPE to see pics of yours soon
Newell_Jalynn5 months ago
hey,i saw where you commented on my instructable and thanks i like your fishtails too :-)
ehauss (author) 6 months ago
I don't know got it for Christmas ?????? Why ? Do you need one
Mason_Lee6 months ago
Ps what kind of loom is that?
Mason_Lee6 months ago
I love the colors
ehauss (author) 6 months ago
Enjoy and send pics

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