Fishtail Rubberband Bracelet





Introduction: Fishtail Rubberband Bracelet

Step 1: Items Needed

- rubberbands
- loom hook
- loom
- c-clip

Step 2: Starting Off Your Bracelet

First you are gonna choose the color you want the bracelet to start out with then you will make an infinity sign and place it on the loom

Step 3: Movin on

Now you are gonna pick 2 more colors of your chose and put them on top of the infinity sign rubberband

Step 4:

Now you will take the rubberband on bottom and pull them above the top rubberband (look at pictures!)

Step 5: Repeat

Now you will repeat the process until u get to the length that will fit you

Step 6: C-clip Time

First u will slide ur bracelet of with your fingers then you will take the 2 bands off that r hanging then attach c clip to both ends . that's all u have to do!

Step 7: DONE

Now u r ready to wear your braclet

Step 8: Thank You

Thank you for lolling at it don't forget to like it and comment also FOLLOW me . I HOPE to see pics of yours soon



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    hey,i saw where you commented on my instructable and thanks i like your fishtails too :-)

    I don't know got it for Christmas ?????? Why ? Do you need one

    Ps what kind of loom is that?

    Enjoy and send pics