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Introduction: Fishtail Yarn Bracelet

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In this instructable, I'm gonna tell you how to make a bracelet as shown above. It's braided like a fishtail braid and it's made out of yarn.

First, take your yarn. You'll need about 7 strands, depending on what result you'd like and the width of your yarn.
Make a knot. Don't make it too tight, this knot is gonna be removed at the end

Divide the strands in two groups: one with three and one with four strands.

Now you can start braiding.
Start with the group that has four strands. Take one of them and bring it to the other group. Now, take a strand from the group that NOW has four strands and bring it to the other side. Repeat this until you like the length to be your bracelet. Make a knot after your begginning knot, on the first braided part. Knot it really tight. Cut the remaining strands, your bracelet is finished!



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    Thank you! I'm thinking about editing some old instructables to make them better :)

    wow! I've been doing that too! I've edited 2 of my old ibles but the thumbnail picture is stuck, doesn't change :(

    Ow, that's too bad! I had a lot of issues with my latest instructable: I couldn't save it or publish it :( , I had to make a new draft using the old editor, the new editor isn't working for me AT ALL at the moment :(

    The broken thumbnail of one of my ibles have been solved! Has your problems been solved? I hope so :)

    Easiest bracelet I've ever made, my granddaughter can even make it and she's only 5! It's cute too!'

    Easy, fun, and cute love it!!!