Eating is not planned to be done (I wish), but having fun is planned. Scoop some fun up with this game you could play with friends, family, and anyone you know.

Step 1:

All you need is:

     pencil (or pen)
     cherry template
     ice-cream template
     cone template
     construction paper (brown, red, five other colors)
Why did you do more than one instructable? The steps are what is ment to be each part! On the contest page it looks like spam!
ok, I had it planned out, but it looked like a mess when it was one instructable and I got confused. I showed others and told them to make it to see it it was comprehensible, but they told me to put it that way. Afterwards I did not know that there was a contest and decided to enter all. Sorry. I thought all of mine would be in one spot and organized. I not expect it to be all over the place like what it is now. Is there a way to delete the others and make it one instructable to make it more comprehensible? Right now I can not find a way to do that.
Unfortunately, no, because you entered all of them in the contest, but you can pm a mod and they can help delete a few of them
So only they can delete instructables. What does "pm a mod" mean? sorry. just alittle confused.
No, you can delete your own isntructables, but these are entered in a contest, you cant delete them by your selfs, the mods can probably do it though, I dont know for sure.<br><br>A few mods that could help you are:<br> fungus amungus https://www.instructables.com/member/fungus+amungus/<br>and randofo https://www.instructables.com/member/randofo/<br><br>Just click on their page &quot;private message&quot;, it is on the left below their card and avatar.
ok. I will do that. I can not figure out how to delete my own instructables.

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