Introduction: Fitting Tiny Bits in Drill Collet

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To drill component holes in PCBs very small drill bits are required.  The one I usually use is only 0.8mm diameter.
It;s a problem finding a collet small enough to hold bits of this size and when you do it's even more frustrating trying to keep the bit straight while tightening it.
I've found a simple way to fit these tiny bits into larger rotary tool collets and it keeps the bit straight too!

Step 1: Materials

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Besides a rotary tool (such as a dremel) the following is required:
  • A collet (the smallest one that came with mine holds bits as small as about 1mm)
  • A drill bit (the pesky small 0.8mm bit I use)
  • Heat shrink (small diameter)

Step 2:

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Simply cut a small length of heat shrink and shrink it on the shaft of the bit.
This makes the shaft slightly wider and gives the collet something to grip. 
The first time I used it the bit centered itself easily and worked perfectly.


Dragon940C (author)2016-12-03

Great idea, thanks.

I suppose we could keep adding heat shrink until we get a tight fit.

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