Fitting USB Equipped Outlet in Double Gang Box.





Introduction: Fitting USB Equipped Outlet in Double Gang Box.

My roommate got me an USB port equipped power outlet for charging phones and stuff, but where I needed it to be was in a double gang box in my workshop, so forget the face plate it came with. I had to modify the metal face plate already in place!

Step 1: Trace the Holes From the Provided Face Plate to the Existing Face Plate.

Put the face plate with the USB holes on top of the original face plate. I recommend using the mounting screw to attach them together, and putting your fingers in the outlet holes to keep the plates aligned while you trace with your other hand.

Step 2: Measure the Width of the Hole for Drill Bit Selection

Step 3: Punch Marks for Drilling.

I set the caliper to half of the hole's width and scribed a little + for punching. Since we're making a rectangular hole, make a punch mark near both extremities.

Step 4: Drilling

-Drill pilot holes with a small bit, otherwise the full size bit will wander out of the punch mark.
-Don't forget to slow down your drill for the bigger bit! Also, sharp drill bits and some oil greatly improve the experience.
-With the pilot holes, it's easy to align the bigger drill bit.
-The drill holes being the width of the USB port, what's left is to bridge the gap between them!

Step 5: Bridging the Gap.

I have this dremmel bit that looks like an end mill. I chucked that in my press drill to mill out the metal between the two holes.

Step 6: Deburr

Removing the burr on the outside was easy enough, but I had to use something else for the inside : A mildly worn utility knife blade.

Step 7: An Extra Step for My Particular Setup

I needed to break of those tabs otherwise the outlets don't fit in the metal cover. Your mileage may vary!

Step 8: Test Fit

It's important to check how well the slots fit over the USB ports of the outlet before putting everything back together. I had to touch up the milling a couple of times before the plug would fit through properly.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Well, not without putting everything back together beforehand...

The benefit of this setup is that now I don't have to bring my USB rechargeable bike lights to my computer for charging!



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    That's on a 15AMP circuit, right?

    That particular USB-equipped socket is not approved for use in 20 AMP circuits. It'll burn and char long before enough current is pulled to trip a 20AMP breaker..

    yeah it's on a 15 amp circuit. It's only in a metal box for looks and durability...

    Those use plastic faceplates, and your gangbox uses grounded metal...
    No problems with the usb port ground and 110 grounds mixing?

    Nope! The outlet even has extra ground tabs coming out of the "USB module" that connect to the mounting box.