Step 4: New Exhaust, Link Pipe

Now we take our link pipe, if you have a two piece exhaust like this one the link pipe's first, though don't completely tighten the connection yet, leave it fairly well put on but with a little movement to make sure the can goes on easily.
hi iv'e got a honda c 50 super cub in my garage, i want to remove the foot pegs and bracket to clean it, but i need to remove the exhaust first as it is in the way, does anyone know how i do this?
Cant think of how the exhaust goes on a cub but if its one piece you'll likely need to remove the header bolts and a bolt somewhere along the exhaust...
If only cars where this easy.... I&nbsp;just got rid of my Honda CRX&nbsp;that had a bad muffler that I didn't have the patience for.<br />
Actually if the retainers and downpipes are in good nick a car can be simple enough, though it does depend very much on the kind of exhaust and it's layout...<br />
Nice.&nbsp;&nbsp; I&nbsp;remember as a <strike>kid&nbsp;</strike> much younger person putting a Quiet Power muffler on my VW bug.&nbsp; Pretty much the same principal except I&nbsp;had to re-tune the engine because of the decrease in back pressure. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Powersport Hondas like this&nbsp;usually have a graphite gasket at all the pipe connections. They should be replaced.
None to speak of, though the bike's old and recently just got written off, the sleeves were all a great fit though.&nbsp; Not sure what's gone on there, unless... That's CB but not a CBR admittedly I don't know the exact details of hondas but powersport... <br />

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