Step 5: On the Can... Eh on With the Can

Slide the can on the the link pipe and line it up with the bolt holes for back end, if it lines up dead on then tighten up the link pipe connection to the downpipes and bolt on the exhaust, tighten the connection between the link pipe and can.
hi iv'e got a honda c 50 super cub in my garage, i want to remove the foot pegs and bracket to clean it, but i need to remove the exhaust first as it is in the way, does anyone know how i do this?
Cant think of how the exhaust goes on a cub but if its one piece you'll likely need to remove the header bolts and a bolt somewhere along the exhaust...
If only cars where this easy.... I&nbsp;just got rid of my Honda CRX&nbsp;that had a bad muffler that I didn't have the patience for.<br />
Actually if the retainers and downpipes are in good nick a car can be simple enough, though it does depend very much on the kind of exhaust and it's layout...<br />
Nice.&nbsp;&nbsp; I&nbsp;remember as a <strike>kid&nbsp;</strike> much younger person putting a Quiet Power muffler on my VW bug.&nbsp; Pretty much the same principal except I&nbsp;had to re-tune the engine because of the decrease in back pressure. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Powersport Hondas like this&nbsp;usually have a graphite gasket at all the pipe connections. They should be replaced.
None to speak of, though the bike's old and recently just got written off, the sleeves were all a great fit though.&nbsp; Not sure what's gone on there, unless... That's CB but not a CBR admittedly I don't know the exact details of hondas but powersport... <br />

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